King of Kite 2017 Registration
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Date of Birth? *

How many years have you been kitesurfing?

What size Lycra/Rashvest do you wear? *

Competition Entry *

Entry fee: 25 euro. Be at Kahuna Surfhouse to get your lycra, competition details and pay your registration fee between 11am - 13:00 (we will not be accepting late entries!)

What's your weight? (kg) *

If you are taking part in the Slalom Race we need your weight.
Slalom Race Board. *

If you are taking part in slalom race please enter your board type.

Which Sushi La Meal do you fancy? *

I agree to the Rules of the Slalom race and Freestyle Competition set by King of Kite 2017 *

1. To follow the time schedule set - briefing time, set up time and location, heat start and finish - info will be updated on before event 2. Obey the flags that guide the heats in the competitions 3. Obey the Marshalls guiding the heats of both competitions 4. Wear the lycra provided at registration on top of harness 6. Be aware of Slalom race course and guidelines; be aware of Freestyle competition guidelines set by the King of Kite 2017 - info will be updated on before event 7. There is no restriction on kite size or board size 8. You must have a working kite leash and quick release system 9. Any number of fins and/or retractable fins are allowed. No other hull appendages are permitted. The shortest distance between the outermost point of the hull appendage and the bottom of the hull shall not exceed 500mm.
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